Jafrani Kheer , Rice Kheer Recipe, Chawal Ki Kheer – चावल की खीर Hindi Video

Rice Kheer – Indian Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding is made in many households throughout India, especially on special occasions and festivals. Rice is cooked in milk and simmered for long time to get pudding like texture. In this recipe you don’t see any condensed milk to thicken the kheer, rather milk is cooked for long time to get the perfect consistency and texture. Rice Kheer is topped with nuts that adds to a wonderful crunch and flavor to the kheer.

Chawal Ki Kheer Recipe In Hindi – चावल की खीर | Rice Kheer Recipe
Learn how to make yummy &  sweet Rice Kheer at home Kheer is one of the traditional Indian dessert recipe.how to make delectable and mouth watering Rice Kheer in quick and easy way. Watch and learn only on this video

Rice Kheer Recipe | Festive Season Special Recipe – Learn how to make Rice Kheer at home with us

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