Kachagolla Recipe -kacha golla Sandesh |Bengali sweet – Popular Indian Desserts -Navratri special recipe

Kachagolla means sweet cottage cheese balls.This authentic sweetmeat, originating in eastern India, is considered the purest form of sweet to be offered to the Goddess Known as kaccha gola or kacha golla, the taste of this sweet is blissful. Each ball is so soft that it will melt in your mouth in  seconds! Kacha Golla is a popular sweet which originated from Bangladesh,Kacha gollas are so soft & moist and very delicious sweet.

Kacha golla Sandesh Recipe – ( Indian/Bengali dessert)

Kacha Golla is a popular sweet originated from Bangladesh, this is a soft & moist kind of sweet. for detail recipe watch this video

Sandesh / Kacha Golla Recipe Bengali Sweets

how to make sandesh /sondesh or kachagolla. It is really delicious sweets. It is very popular in west Bengal. One might see it as Bengali sweets. It can be made for iftar in the month of Ramadan or for eid. It is popular among Bengalis, and other places as well where Bengali community exist like Malaysia, Singapore, USA, UK, Canada and Australia. I believe it is popular in Srilanka as well.

Rose Sandesh – Sanjeev Kapoor

How to make Kacha Golla | Bengali Sandesh | Pranhara | Easy to make | Navratri Special

Kacha Golla is a famous sweet of West Bengal. Each ball is so soft and light that it melts in your mouth just in fraction of seconds.. This is made from fresh paneer or chena. We have used home made chena for this.

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