Packing List for Winter Weather tour in South Africa

-> Cold climate begins May to July

Packing Record for Winter period Weather (For Regular Tour)
Everyone has a personal choice of style preferences, choices, views, and designs with regards to what they want to put on and carry along. This specified list is not necessary but it will help you in packaging for your Southern African-american Vacation during the cold months months Season

-> Outfits Packing
1 rainproof jacket/small umbrella
1 or 2 shorts/skirts
2 or 3 couples of jeans
2 or 3 T-shirts
2 or 3 informal shirts
1 dense, heated coat , headscarf, safety gloves and heated winter hat
1 dense sweater
Underwear (lots)
Socks (lots)
1 set of sensible clothes (eg tie, blazer, coat or fit for nights out while on tour)

-> Shoes
Comfortable strolling footwear if it is possible then you carry water resistant shoes

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