Communication Modes in South Africa

In Southern African-american you will find the state-of-the-art technology in Native indian ways of interaction. There is an option all the modern interaction forms in SouthAfrica.

Useful information on contacting codes:
-> For confident worldwide telephone calls, switch 00 plus the country and area requirements of the location concerned. Consult telephone internet directories for worldwide contacting requirements, or obtain 24-hour assistance by contacting 10903.
-> Important regional town contacting codes: 011 – Johannesburg; 012 – Pretoria; 021 – Cpe Town; 031 – Durban; 041 – Port Elizabeth
-> For inbound worldwide telephone calls, the value is +27 followed by the town value or mobile phone value, losing the first 0.
-> O8 figures are free to the caller; 0860 figures are billed at regional rates; 0861 figures are billed at a fee.

South Africa telecommunicationsservice services include 2 residential operators

1. Telkom : Telkom also offers WorldCall phone cards, which allow you to call to any location in the world from a Telkom line in Southern Africa
2. Neotel

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