Money Matter in Canada

Formal forex of North america : Canada money is a certified forex of North america and it is denoted by CAD or C.

1 Canada Dollar (Can$) = 100 pennies.

Notes variations are : Can$1000 (uncommon) , Can$100, Can$50, Can$20, Can$10, Can$5 .

And Coins variations are : Can$2 (twoonie), Can$1 (loonie), 50 pennies (uncommon), 25 pennies (quarter), 10 pennies (dime), 5 pennies (nickel), 1 pennies (penny).

Banking time are Thursday to Saturday, 9.30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with hard including saturdays and sundays at many locations.

Currency Transformation and Return Rates
-> Forex prices is vary from instant to instant based on world markets.
-> When trading money or tourists cheques it’s best to check the rate and commission before making the exchange.
-> Although many retail stores, restaurants and other locations may accept United states money, visitors are advised to modify their tourists checks or money for Canada forex.

Utility of Charge and Credit ratings cards and Travellers Cheques in North america : In North america Charge and cards, like MasterCard, Charge and United states Express are widely accepted.

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