Health, Safety and Security Information in Canada

Common Guidance : It easy for you to get the common cold, the flu or to worsen an current healthcare problem. The primary reason of this is different air, water, dairy products, food, way of life and jet-lag, that can decrease your level of resistance. Our cleaning you to take a multi-vitamin course while on trip and eat and relax properly.

1. To prevent diseases while you travel you should eat and relax well while on tour
2. Avoid consuming too much liquor and take some simple health safety measures during your trip time.
3. Avoid unpasteurized milk products.
4. Clean your hands often with water and detergent, especially before eating. If water and detergent are not available, use an alcohol-based hand gel (with at least 60% alcohol).

Water : Water is the important part of the life. In some areas water is undrinkable, so please take care.You use only the water in bottles in these area. Tap water is not safe for consuming. Canned water is always available and usually offered free in resorts.

Medical Services :
-> If whenever you feel tired you Tour Manger can counsel you in getting in touch with a physician for a appointment.
-> If you are on a regular course of treatment or requirement you must bring a adequate supply for whole time you are away from home.

MORE Health, Safety and Security Information in Canada

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