Customs and Immigration Regulations In Canada

Traditions and Migrants law Rules In Canada

-> U.S. people and guests from most Europe do not need a Guest Charge for use of North america.
-> Visitors from other nations need a ticket legitimate for at least six months longer than their designed stay.
-> Some may be needed to obtain a Guest Charge from a Canada embassy or consulate prior to travel to North america.
-> For People in america, recognition developing citizenship is needed such as an unique document of a beginning or a qualified duplicate of evidence of beginning location from a city area, plus one picture ID card.
-> Passport is not needed but is ideal for recognition. Short-term people of the U.S. must carry a ticket and may also need a Guest Charge based on their citizenship

Visa & Access Specifications : US Citizens , most European Western and Earth nations, as well as Southern region america, Asia, Southern region South korea and Israel don’t need visas to get into North america for remains of up to 180 days. US lasting people are also exempt.

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