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Some Facts About Spain

Information About The nation :
Spain formally known as the Empire of The nation is a nation and participant state of the Western Nation situated in north western Western countries on the Iberian Peninsula.

-> Name : Spain

-> Formal name : The Empire of Spain

-> Area : 504,780 rectangle miles.

-> Forex : Dollar, Formerly the Speaking spanish language peseta (€1=166.66 pesetas)

-> Investment : Madrid

-> Location : The nation is Western countries ‘s 4th biggest nation such as the Canary and Balearic isle categories.

-> Density: 88,39 population per rectangle distance.

-> Belief : 98% of people are Roman Catholic, the relax being made up of a few Protestants, Muslims and Jewish people. There are also around 500,000 gypsies living mainly in the bigger places.

-> Terminology : Formal language is Castilian Speaking spanish language,however many other language ‘languages’ are also in use.


  1. July 17, 2012 at 11:30 am

    Spain has strong economy, its is also known for growing saffron flowers and spread it to all countries Their are many Interesting Facts About Spain one of them is first country to ban smoking in working areas.

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