Travel Insurance for Spain

Journey Insurance protection for Spain
Before going to The country we suggest you to obtain a good travel and medical insurance in case of any injuries or illness during your stay in The country.

We highly suggests having a travel plan that covers:
-> Termination and Curtailment
-> Decrease of and/or damage to luggage
-> Medical insurance
-> Decrease of money (cash), tourists cheques or personal belongings

If you are doing activities than your travel insurance protects this also. If you are providing along expensive products such as bracelets or photo equipment, check the value per product is protected by your travel insurance. If the protection for these products is little you may wish to take out extra protection on these products.

Travel Insurance protection in The country comes with the following advantages:
-> 24-hour Urgent situation Service
-> Even injuries as a result of enemy functions are covered
-> No restrictions for dangerous activities or careers, e.g. Tubing, going, etc.
-> Coverage also include missing, overdue or broken baggage service
-> Versatile and free choice of physicians and hospitals
-> Full dental protection plans assured with no insurance deductibles and compromises





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