ATM’s and cash machines in Europe

Currency Conversion and Exchange Rates
-> Exchange rates is vary from minute to minute depending on world markets.
-> Your Tour Manager will be able to recommend some good place to make exchanges in the local area, otherwise banks generally have competitive exchange rates.
-> Many exchange outlets offer ‘no commission’ exchange but the actual rate that they exchange at is not in your favor.
-> When exchanging cash or travellers cheques it’s best to check the rate and commission before making the exchange.
ATM’s and cash machines – Europe
-> In Europe ATM’s and cash machines are widely available. In Europe, Cash machines dispense cash in the local currency of the country that you are making the withdrawal in it.
-> In Europe ATM’s are widely available throughout most places. it’s a good idea to carry around a cash float or a travellers cheque
-> Make sure to let your bank know you are travelling so they don’t put a hold your account thinking it was hacked into or stolen.
-> If you get rejected by a cash machine at first attemp, don’t use it a second time as often European cash machines will swallow your card on the second attempt.
->  Usually its best to carry at least 50€ (as well as some local currency if you are in a country that does not accept the Euro) as a backup in case you cannot get access to a cash machine.

Travellers cheques in Europe
Travelers cheques is the best way to carry cash as if you loose them they can be replaced.

MORE about  ATM’s and cash machines in Europe


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