Travel Advice Before Start your Tour of India



This will help you when you will come quite handy and thinking of coming to India. You will have a general idea about what to expect and what not to. Go through India travel advice given below.

1. Getting some background information on India and the particular place that you are planning to visit is quite a good idea.
2. Stay in a recognized hotel. India has a number of 5 star and 4 star hotels to suit your taste and budget.
3. Travellers required to pay all their dues regarding the hotel bills in foreign currency only. Even concessional tickets like Youth fares, Discover India Fares and Air Fares are to be paid for in foreign exchange only.
3. Try to hire taxis and auto-rickshaws, from the pre-paid booths, if possible.
4. It is advisable not to hire any type of transportation from unlicensed operators.
5. Make travel arrangements well in advance, especially when you are traveling in the peak season (between October to March).
6. You may hire Government-trained and approved guides who also speak German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian or Russian. English is widely spoken at almost tourist destination in India these days.
7. Most Indians are warm people and ready to help whenever the need be. But still, exercise caution and stay

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