Useful Indian phrases or English Phrase

Here we give the common Indian phrases that will help you in communicating more effectively with the locals.



English Phrase
Hindi Translation
Hello Namaste/Namaskar
How are you? Kaise hain?
I want to go to hotel  Mujhe hotel jana hai
Yes Haan
No Nahi
Thank you Shukriya/ Dhanyavaad
Can you please help me? Kya aap meri madad karenge?
What is your name? Apka naam Kya hai?
My name is … Mera naam … hai
OK/Fine/Good/Whatever Achaa
What happened? Kya hua?
I am fine Main theek hoon
Goodbye Main chalta hoon (chalti for female)
How much/ What is the cost? Kitna hua/ kitna daam hai?

























These Indian phrases will help to communicate more effectively with the locals.  You will find help right away if you are stuck in a situation, as you are able to communicate at a more personal level with people around you.

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