How to Dealing With Strangers in India


Dealing With Strangers in India


Most of Indians are very warm and friendly and mean no harm, but there are some crooks also they became over friendly people and try to take advantage of your unsuspecting nature. Some tips how to handle these types of people

-> Watch out for those men and women who became over friendly and offer you something to eat or drink. Politely decline the offer.

-> Aware of those people that who approaches you and strikes a conversation. After the usual warm greetings, these type of person begins the story of how poor he is or is in need of some dire financial assistance. Main objective is to lighten up your pocket by a few dollars!.

-> Always alert of those wary hands reaching for your backpack, back pocket to rid you off your possessions

-> Do not change your plan. When you take a pre paid taxi from the airport to your booked hotel. In the way taxi drives say, the hotel you booked is no good and he knows of a “better” hotel. So dont’t be confused.

-> Watch out for over friendly people who offer to assist you with your luggage. They not only assist you, but disappear with it as well……….


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