Best Time to Visit India

Best Time to Visit India

India is geographically as well as topographically a huge country and weather in India varies dramatically. The best time to visit India is, well, throughout the year. The season lasts from October to February. It is a pleasure to visit India during these cooler months, when the heat of summer is no more.Usually people visit India during the months of September to March, when the weather is pleasant and perfect to roam around.

Best time to visit  some most popular destinations in India.

Rajasthan : Rajasthan is a  royal states in the world is also a desert. The best time to visit the Rajasthan is  in winter. It is a place of forts, palaces and ancient temples. Mount Abu is only hill station in this state, which is popular in the summer. According to our advisor  to stay away from Rajasthan until the winters (November-February) or to plan a visit during July’s monsoons.

Kerala : Kerala is another favourite tourist place in India. It is charming all through the year with different facets to offer during the different seasons.To visit this winters is the best time. During the heavy monsoons of June to July it is enchanting for the poetic at heart . Backwaters is the main attraction of the Kerala. Best time to visit the Kerala is all year round, but it gives the some advantages to visiting in August so you can watch the famous snake boat race.

Uttarakhand : Uttarakhand is famous mostly for its hill stations. The best time to visit  the Uttarakhand in monthe of  May-July. In winter season December-January many parts of the state receive snowfall,……………….

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