Andhra Pradesh District Hyderabad

Hyderabad District  is a district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Geography of Hyderabad 
Hyderabad  district covers the 217 km2 (84 sq mi) area.

Latitude of Hyderabad city :  17.366°N
Longitude of Hyderabad city :  78.476°E

About Hyderabad District 
In 1948, Hyderabad district was formed after Police Action by merging Atraf-a-Balda and Baghat Districts. In 1978 Hyderabad district was later split into Hyderabad Urban District and Hyderabad Rural District.

Formerly, Hyderabad was known as Bhagyanagar.  This was named in the sweet memory of the Sulthan’s beloved Bhagamathi.

Main Languages Spoken in Hyderabad district Urdu, Hindi, Telugu and English.

Mandals in Hyderabad District
Hyderabad District there is 16 mandals.

District Hyderabad

More Information About Andhra Pradesh Districts

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