Andhra Pradesh District Guntur

Guntur District is located in Andhra Pradesh along the east coast of Bay of Bengal.

Geography of Guntur 
Guntur district is bounded on the southeast side by the Bay of Bengal, on the south side by Prakasam District, on the west side by Mahbubnagar District, and on the northwest side by Nalgonda District. The total geographical area of the district is 11.391 Sq.Kms.

Latitude of Guntur  city :  
Longitude of Guntur city : 

About Guntur District 
Guntur District is situated on the coastline of A.P.State. River Krishna bound it on the North. Guntur is blessed with an abundance of nature’s treasures such as hills, valleys, rivers and beaches

Administrative set up of Guntur District
In Guntur District there is 3 Revenue divisions, 57 Revenue Mandals and 713 Revenue villages of which 706 are inhabited.

District Guntur

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