Andhra Pradesh District East Godavari

East Godavari District  is a district situated on the northeast of the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. Its district headquarters is Kakinada.

Geography of East Godavari 

East Godavari District lies North – East Coast of Andhra Pradesh and bounded on the North side by Visakhapatnam District and the State of Orissa, on the East and South side by the Bay of Bengal and on the West side by Khammam and West Godavari Districts. Geographical area of East Godavari district is 10,807 Sq.Kms.

Main Rivers : Godavari, Pampa, Thandava and Yeleru rivers are the main rivers of this district.

Latitude of East Godavari city : 
 16 deg 30′ and 18 deg 20′ North
Longitude of East Godavari city :  81 deg 30′ and 82 deg 30′ East

About East Godavari District 
East Godavari district was formed in 1925 when old Godavari district was divided into west and east districts.In 1959 Bhadrachalam Revenue Division consisting of Bhadrachalam and Nuguru Venkatapuram Taluks of East Godavari district, which were on the other side of the river Godavari were merged into Khammam district on grounds of geographical contiguity and administrative viability.

East Godavari District is known as rice bowl of Andhra Pradesh with lush paddy fields and coconut groves. East Godavari is the Rice Granary of Andhra Pradesh, it beckons tourists to have a glimpse of its rich cultural heritage. It is also known as another Kerala.

District East Godavari

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