Andhra Pradesh District Mahabubnagar

Mahabubnagar or Mahboobnagar also known as Palamooru is a district in the Andhra Pradesh state of India, in the Telangana region. Mahabubnagar is the district headquarters.

Geography of Mahabubnagar 
Mahabubnagar district is bounded on East side by Guntur district of AP, on West side by Gulbarga and Raichur districts of Karnataka, on North side by Ranga Reddy & Nalgonda districts of AP and South siode by Kurnool district of AP.

Main Rivers : Krishna, Tungabhadra, Vendi, Peddavaagu, Chinnavaagu are the main rivers of this district.

Latitude of Mahabubnagar city :  15 ° 55’ and 17 °29’ N
Longitude of Mahabubnagar city :   77°15 ’ and 79 °15 ’E

About Mahabubnagar District 

District Mahabubnagar

More Information About Andhra Pradesh Districts

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