Hotel Chand Palace , Pahar Ganj

Address: 54, Arakashan Road, Paharganj, New Delhi

Hotel Chand Palace provides budget accommodation at very reasonable prices. It is located in the heart of Delhi and is one among the best hotels in its class .Hotels Chand Palace caters to all the need of the travelers be it business or leisureIt is a hotel with a good quality / price, which has facilities and equipment of a high level. Its accommodation facilities coupled with warm services guarantee luxury and comfort to the guests.

Hotel Chand Palace is located 2 minutes walking distance from the New Delhi Railway Station and 5 minutes walking distance from the popular shopping and business center Connaught Place.

Hotel has a 45 well-furnished and spacious rooms .The accommodation includes the single rooms, double rooms and the family suitesEach rooms are well furnished and have the modern facilities like telephone, TV, 24 hours room service etc.

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One Reply to “Hotel Chand Palace , Pahar Ganj”

  1. How much? I stayed in the “Namaskar” in Pahar Ganj for $2.50USD a night …never do that again. Switched over to the “Hotel Relax”, which was well worth the extra money at USD$20 a night. …good info and article, John.

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