Hospitals and clinics in Kozhikode List 2

Prasanthi Dental Clinic
Address : Prasanthi Dental Clinic, Perambra Kozhikode, Kozhikode – 673525

Princes Beauty Clinic
Address : 1st Floor, City Tower, Mavoor Road, Mavoor Raod, Kozhikode – 673004

R J Clinical Laboratory
Address : Byepass Road, West Hill Chungam, Chungam, Kozhikode – 673005

R K Eye Clinic
Address : R K Eye Clinic, Koyilandy Kozhikode, Kozhikode – 673616

R K Hmoeo Clinic
Address : R K Hmoeo Clinic, Pavamani Road,Stadium, Calicut, Kozhikode – 673001

Rafa Dental Clinic
Address : Rafa Dental Clinic, Koduvalli Kozhikode, Kozhikode – 673572

Raj Dental Clinic
Address : Mankave Post, Kaloor Road, Mankav, Kozhikode – 673007

Relax Dental Clinic
Address : Relax Dental Clinic, Cheruvannoor Kozhikode, Kozhikode – 673524

Resha Surasha Clinic
Address : Resha Surasha Clinic, Kodenjery, Kodenjery Kozhikode, Kozhikode – 673503

S H Clinic
Address : S H Clinic, Kezhariyoor, Meappayoor Kozhikode, Kozhikode – 673524

Sali Dental Clinic
Address : Sali Dental Clinic, Ekarool Kozhikode, Kozhikode – 673574

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