Haridwar is the main pilgrimages of Uttarakhand.Haridwar is the stuited arount the Shivalik hills, where the holi river Ganga is come and down from the Himalayas and after that its meets the plains. Haridwar is also known as Gangadwar. Haridwar is come in the state of Uttaranchal in India.Mythology says that Haridwar is known as Kapilsthan during the old period. And suryavnshi Prince Bhagirath ruled on it.Come down the ganga in the earth he done the very hard prayer but at last he get the sucess to come down the ganga on the earth.A major Shaktipeeth from time immemorial, the place is believed to have both sanctified by the powerful trinity of Hindu mythology : Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh

Haridwar have a history that traces to the Hinduism..



Bijnor, or more correctly word is “Bijnaur”, its come in the north-west corner of the Rohilkhand or Bareilly region in Division Moradabad Division, Bijnore is a district in U.P and founded by the “Khoye Maurya gotra Jats”.

The area of the west boundary is formed the deep the holi river Ganges and it covered by the four distric.And the districts are Meerut, Dehradun,Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur.The north-east ares is come Garhwal, that divided the submontane road, which runs from Hardwar , Haldwani ,ramnagar and Tanakpur and the name…



The Najibabad town is a city and a municipal board in Bijnor district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, deveelop by  Najib-ud-Daula, a Rohilla chief in the mid-18th century, who also built Pathargarh Fort. In British period, Pathargarh fort was used by dacoit  Sultana.